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How To Perform A Reliable & Legal Background Check Online

To find out someone's background information from an online background check, you need to just do one thing... and that's to find a database which contains all the public records for someone. You should then be able to search that database, to give you the most accurate and reliable information about their background and history.

The problem is that many background check services aren't the best at finding the most reliable information for people. They tend to make the common problem that they bundle information and data that is either wrong or out of date into their checks.

Not only that but because these online background check companies are so easy to set up (with minimal set up and running costs), average people are doing them and they aren't necessarily providing the best service possible.

A background check is basically when a company finds all the public data for someone and provides it in a neat package. The information could be anything from how many times they've been married to whether they are on the sex offender registry... these online background check companies have to search through many public databases and piece people's background together from them.

This leaves a challenge which only the best online background check companies can even think about conquering - how to get the most information about people and put it into a readable and easy-to-get place...

Our preferred online background check service is one called Background Report 360. This service not only holds the background information of 400 million people but it also puts all their details into one simple background report.

Background Report 360 reveals everything from divorce history to employment history to birth records on one simple and easy-to-understand report. The service is 100% legal because it takes information form public records databases only (such as court records, etc), which means that the information is freely available if you want to find it - it's just that PRP put it all into a single location for you.

You can start searching the Background Report 360 database by typing the name and location of your 'target' below. Your initial search is 100% free:


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