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Background Report 360 Review
Why Is It The Most Popular
Background Check?


Background Report 360 Review - Does It Deliver On Its Promises??Its modest design may fool you into thinking this web site will not be very effective... but Background Report 360 has millions of members relying on its background check services every day.

With this level of popularity, we had put this service to the test and found some absolutely astonishing results which made us crown it our "Background Check Of The Year For 2009"

Let's see what Background Report 360 can do for you:


Background Report 360 At A Glance

Background Report 360 Review - Does Background Report 360 Live Up To Its Reputation?

Background Report 360 Screenshot

Ease Of Use Background Report 360 Review
Quality Of Results Background Report 360 Review
Number Of Results Background Report 360 Review
Price Background Report 360 Review

Our Overall Rating:

Background Report 360 Review


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Background Report 360: What It Claims To Do

With a purposely unglamorous website, Background Report 360 is often cited as the "dark horse" of the online background check industry. Not only does its front-end web site look simple and modest, but it's nature isn't to startle you with any of the hype that some of the low quality services have been using:

Background Report 360 Screenshot

Indeed, Background Report 360 seems to be focused on providing a solid service to its customers, who will then go on to spread the word about it (like what I'm doing now). Not only has this worked incredibly well for the company but it also gives everyday people,like you and I, the trust and assurance we need that they will treat our needs and information with the utmost respect and care.

According to the homepage (as seen above), you can gain access to such information as Birth Records, Death Records, Marriage Records and much more... as expected from most online background check companies. But crucially, you can actually do all this from the single web site

The Background Report 360 service is based entirely online and you can gain the information you need instantly. After your free initial search, you are asked to sign up but crucially, this company's fees aren't extortionate at all. In fact, they advertise their 1 year's unlimited service for just $2.95 a month.

Overall, this appears to be a solid service which is focused on providing good quality information as quickly as the Internet will allow it. But what does it actually do??


Background Report 360: What It Actually Does

Because we actually want to use these services (unlike many sites which "review" products online), we actually took a look inside the Background Report 360 member's area and were astounded at how comprehensive it is.

Background Report 360 Review - What's Inside The Members Area

You probably can't see it on the screenshot above, but essentially, this is the main member's area screen when you log in to Background Report 360. It gives you access to People search, Public records and Searches About You... as well as all the other types of background & public records checks you can do online.

The beauty about this service is that it allows you to search across the "boundaries" of traditional background checks. What this means is that you can perform a "People Search" for someone... and from that information, you can then find their household members, marriage information and other records right on the site.

Here's an example I performed real quick on my account:

Background Report 360 Review - What's Inside The Members Area

As you can see, I just searched for the man that everyone knows. It came up with his residential address (before he moved to the White House) and it even included his telephone number.

From this screen, I can now perform as many searches as I want on Obama's household members, neighbors, marriage records, etc. I can also run a complete background check for him as well... all from this single Background Report 360 screen.

And this can be done for anyone in the USA. The service instantly searches through the millions of records it has and then presents the information for you in an easy-to-read format... ready for you to perform any type of search you need on them.

All the data is verified with regulatory bodies to ensure all the information you receive is as accurate as possible. The customer service is extremely quick to respond to messages and they always provide full, detailed answers to any queries.

Background Report 360: Conclusion

Background Report 360 is a hidden gem of the Internet.

From just looking at their simple web site, you would never imagine the power of this unique and exciting tool. Not only does Background Report 360 help you perform instant background checks on people, but it also gives you the tools to find out much more than just their background.

We highly recommend this service and it's our top pick for a reason.

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